Base Doctor 2.02 Instructions
Your browser must be HTML5-compliant to use this designer.
Select the Outpost Level to restrict certain Structures and the maximum number of Land tiles.
OP Level 6 is just for fun and not actually in the game.
Right-Click on the grid to toggle between Land/Sea tiles.
Right-Click and Drag to 'paint' Land/Sea tiles.
Left-Click and Drag to move Land tiles or Structures.
Structures restricted by OP Level can still be placed on the grid.
Structures turn red when placed at an invalid position.
Land and Sea tiles also turn red when an invalid formation is discovered.
Be sure to click 'Validate Design' to validate the entire base.
Left-Click and hold a Turret to modify its settings.
Change the Turret Type using PLUS/MINUS on your Number Keypad. (alternate keys: Q/W)
Change the Turret Reticle Maximum Range using LEFT/RIGHT arrows. (alternate keys: A/S)
Change the Turret Reticle Minimum Range using UP/DOWN arrows. (alternate keys: Z/X)
Change the Mouse Reticle Range using LEFT/RIGHT arrows with no Turret selected. (alternate keys: A/S)
Be sure to click 'Save Changes' as you work.
Designs are persistent between sessions but will be deleted if you clear your browser cache.
Advanced Users can Backup/Restore designs manually by Copy/Pasting to a text file.
Click JPG or PNG to view your design as an image.
Right-Click the image to save it to your computer.
You can also drag the image to the desktop or to a folder.
(New) Added 5 Ship structures.
(New) Added Cerberus Rocket turret type.
(New) More fixes for Firefox.
(New) Alternate keys for Turret Type settings.

Base Doctor 2.02

Land: 115 of 115

Mouse Reticle
Turret Reticles

HTML5-compliant browser required