Battle P.A.R.R.O.T.     Base Doctor         

Mouse Reticle
Turret Reticles

Your browser does not support the canvas element.

- (new) You can name your designs.

- Right Click to toggle between land/sea.
- Right Click and Drag to "paint" land or sea tiles.
- Left Click and Drag to move a structure or land tile.
- (new) Highlighting for invalid structure positions.

- Left Click with Left/Right Arrows to change Turret Range
- (changed) Left Click with Up/Down Arrows to change Turret Inner Range
- (changed) Left Click with NumPad Plus/Minus to change Turret Type

- Zoom In/Out with CTRL and =/- keys.
- Return to Normal View with CTRL and 0.

- Base designs are persistent between sessions.
- (Note) Clearing your browser cache will clear your base designs!
- Use Backup to backup/restore/share your designs.

- (Note) You may have to reposition structures from restored bases
   due to a change I made to map size. =(
   Make sure to back them up again.

*** OP Level 6 is just for fun and not actually in the game.